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Mobtown Studios - Baltimore, MD

We recorded our album ourselves but when it was time for the finishing touches we knew we needed a professional. Mat Leffler-Schulman owns the place and he recorded drums for us, then mixed and mastered the EP. He did a spectacular job, and is an all around wonderful human. If you're making music anywhere in the vicinity of Baltimore, this is the place to go. 

Be sure to visit the website where you can listen to tons of the great records made there, and especially check out the Micro Shows they do in the studio. 

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10 Questions We Always Ask

Robert produces this podcast and Just Like July is the theme song for the show. It's hilarious and insightful interviews with musicians, journalists, artists, chefs, beer makers, regular folks, scientists, creative types...anyone, really. Everyone has great stories. It's a show where we ask ordinary people 10 or so questions, some of which are almost always asked of most of our guests.

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Caroline Higgs

One of my two rad sisters. She's an amazing artist, the one who painted the album cover.  

She also introduced me to Led Zeppelin and Big Star, even gave me a copy of the Chris Bell solo record when I was in like 8th grade or something. Older siblings are important. 

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Emily Goodstein

Emily is a pearl of a girl and one of the best people you could ever hope to know. She's also an amazing photographer who took most of the pictures on this site. 

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Pilot Waves

Pilot Waves is a great podcast about the intersection of artistry, community, commerce and technology. Listen to great interviews with all sorts of cultural movers and shakers from the Washington DC area (or the DMV, as it is known to locals of the District, Maryland and Virginia). 

The show is run by longtime friend of the band Alex Vidales. Support what he does because if he knows who you are, he's probably already supporting you. 

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Tom Haller

Tom played drums on our EP, specifically on Just Like July, Sam vs The Ape, and I Guess You Already Knew That. Great guy, great drummer. Book him via Mobtown for your next session and check out one of the many bands he plays with.