NEW ALBUM! This Little Sound

This Little Sound is done and out there.

I made this album in my home studio over the course of the last 3-4 years. It was difficult and a big learning process. Along the way I kept learning more about engineering as well as how to use my voice in a way that I'm not totally unhappy with. I also decided I wanted to go the DIY route for mixing and mastering, so I did a lot of learning about that stuff. Which is to say I did a lot, then re-did a lot, then re-did it all a few more times. I'm not totally sure I shouldn't keep learning and fiddling and tweaking, but that would likely break my brain so I'm calling it done. Pencils down.

Big thanks to my friends and allies that helped me out by singing and playing on some of the songs. And very very big thanks to my wife for listening to it so many times at various stages along the way and giving all the best feedback.

I hope you like it.

This Little Sound - I wrote this for a friend of mine, but what was going on in his life seemed too big for what a song could do for someone. I knew as soon as I started writing it that I would probably never play it for him. It just seemed too silly and small in context.

Evergreen - This one was for my wife on her birthday. I was picturing Yosemite, which is her favorite place. If you ask her what her spirit animal is, she will say: "trees." (Or Patti Smith.)

Break Your Heart - Another song for someone else. And I'll probably never tell them. Sometimes what we're afraid of is bigger and more intense than what's really there.

This Song - My wife travels a lot for work, and I miss the shit out of her. She's often on the other side of the world in remote places and the time difference and connectivity issues can make it difficult to even talk on the phone. I wrote this while bored and bummed and waiting for her to come back home.

The Captain - This is a song about the not-so-famous author and sailor, Charles Borden. It was largely inspired by some correspondence between him and his wife. Look him up. I feel like he had a lot of answers, or at least very good questions.

April 2018 - An instrumental I made after the passing of a very dear friend.

This Little Sound

Released 2019 via Bird Band Recordings

All songs copyright 2019 Robert Higgs

All songs written and produced by RH

RH - vocals, instruments

Oscar Sierra - saxophone (This Little Sound)

Kristin Garrison - vocals (This Little Sound, This Song)

Jeff Walker - banjo (This Little Sound, This Song)

Recorded at Blanket Fort Studio

Mixed and mastered by RH

Notes from Left of the Dial: "weightless, eccentric and expansive"

"On their recent single, 'Just Like July,' they combine a communal playfulness with a literate pop execution, resulting in a song that’s as easy to sing along to as it is to sit back and feel its sounds wash over you in a rhythmic ebb and flow. The accompanying cut-and-paste video is a perfect analog complement to the music and draws out even further the sense that this is all done through a determined love for the creating process. Higgs and Yochim aren’t the first to delve deeply into this kind of pop wonderland, but they certainly have a better grasp of it than most of their cinematic pop peers."

Great review of our single+video of Just Like July and upcoming EP from Joshua Pickard. Read the full article here.

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